Code of Conduct on the WorkspaceSKY Teens Platform

100 Roads, Inc. and WorkspaceSKY Teens are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment on its virtual campus. The term “Premises”, as applied to this Code of Conduct, shall refer to the WorkspaceSKY Teens virtual campus. The following Code of Conduct will apply to all Members, Educators, Guests, and other Invitees when they are on the Premises of WorkspaceSKY Teens and/or when they are participating in any program affiliated with 100 Roads, Inc. and taking classes with WorkspaceSKY Teens' Partners and Educators. This Code of Conduct may be revised from time to time at the sole, and absolute discretion of 100 Roads, Inc. The current version will be posted in the WorkspaceSKY Community Site, and the original signed document will be accessible in the Member Portal. It is the Member’s responsibility to periodically review these documents online to familiarize themselves with the current version.

Protect the Work Environment

In order to protect the work environment for all Members, Educators, Guests, and other Invitees of WorkspaceSKY Teens, everyone must adhere to a code of conduct that allows everyone to be comfortable, safe, and able to work undisturbed. WorkspaceSKY Teens is an online platform where you can video chat with others when you are in proximity to them. The user experience on the virtual campus is similar to the experience you have in person. Everyone is expected to act in a respectable manner with each other to dress appropriately, as you would in an in-person educational environment. It is required that Members practice mindfulness and use respectful and culturally sensitive language when interacting with others on the platform.

Parental Supervision

Teen Members on WorkspaceSKY Teens are under the supervision and care of their legal guardians or Community Organizer. WorkspaceSKY Teens staff will be on campus during open hours but can not monitor every conversation, class, event, and interaction. Parents or their Community Organizers, who the parents have an agreement with are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their teens on the virtual campus.

Passwords and Logins

Log in credentials will be issued to currently enrolled Teen Members, educators and organizers. These credentials may only be used by the Member. Sharing credentials is not permitted and may result in the membership being terminated.

Online Safety

Teen Members are required to attend an online safety workshop prior to participating on the WorkspaceSKY Teens platform. If the teen experiences any threatening and/or an otherwise potentially harmful situation, they can immediately remove themselves, by closing the tab in their browser and contacting WorkspaceSKY Teens admin at


Our virtual campus is hosted in Gather can be used on any computer (laptop or desktop), on any OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), using one of our supported web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). The Safari experience is currently in Beta. You can also access Gather on your mobile device or tablet using one of those browsers, however, the mobile experience is also in Beta and has extremely limited functionality. The audio in is enhanced with a headset. Guidelines for purchasing equipment can be found in the Member portal and Community Site. Any member experiencing difficulties with the technology should reach out to SKY Team Member in the Marketplace of Ideas or send us a tech ticket and a SKY Team Member will reach out to assist.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are strictly prohibited on WorkspaceSKY Teens:

Visitors to the Premises

To provide for the safety and security of everyone, no unauthorized individuals are to be admitted onto the campus. If you wish to bring a Guest/Visitor/Invitee onto the Premises, you must notify one of the staff members and sign in at the kiosk in the Marketplace of Ideas. If you believe that there is an unknown or unauthorized person or persons on the Premises, you must report it immediately to a WorkspaceSKY Teen staff member at the kiosk.

Consequences of Misconduct

Any Teen not adhering to this Code of Conduct may be asked to leave WorkspaceSKY Teens.

Grievance Process, Investigation, and Potential Discipline for Violations of the Code of Conduct

The purpose of this policy is to state 100 Roads’ position on administering equitable and consistent discipline for violations of the Code of Conduct. The best disciplinary measure is the one that does not have to be enforced and comes from good leadership and fair treatment at all levels.
WorkspaceSKY Teens’ own best interest lies in ensuring fair treatment of all Members, Educators, Guests, and employees and in making certain that disciplinary actions are prompt, uniform, and impartial. The major purpose of any disciplinary action for violations of the Code of Conduct is to correct the problem, prevent recurrence, and prepare the Member, Guest, or Employee for satisfactory service in the future. Disciplinary action may call for any of a variety of steps -- verbal warning, written warning or improvement plan, final written warning, probation, suspension, or termination of Membership, Guest privileges, or employment -- depending on the severity of the problem and the number of occurrences. There may be circumstances when one or more steps are bypassed.
The 100 Roads, Inc. Grievance Committee exists to provide an outlet for Member Parents, Educators and Guests to formally report an act, omission, or occurrence which that reasonable person believes (i) constitutes a material violation of the Code of Conduct and (ii) can be established on factual information.
The Grievance Committee is comprised of three (3) staff members at 100 Roads, Inc. Anyone wishing to file a formal complaint should request a copy of a form entitled, “Complaint Regarding Alleged Violations of our Code of Conduct” from 100 Roads, Inc. Admin, Upon receipt of a signed Complaint, the 100 Roads, Inc. Grievance Committee will promptly conduct an internal investigation on a confidential basis, reviewing available evidence and taking witness statements as necessary. The parties to the complaint, and potential witnesses, should refrain from discussing the pending matter with others during the investigation. In particular, no one should make any defamatory statements about another person, respecting the rights of all individuals and minor teens involved. Once the investigation is completed, the Grievance Committee will present its findings and recommendation to the Executive Director. The parties to the complaint will be advised in writing of the outcome.
Outside of the Grievance Committee process available to Members, Educators, and Guests, 100 Roads will, on its own, regularly enforce the Code of Conduct as it observes potential issues that arise. Progressive discipline means that, with respect to many disciplinary problems, the following steps generally will be followed: a first offense may call for a verbal warning; a next offense may be followed by a written warning; another offense may lead to a final written warning; and, still another offense may then lead to termination of Membership, Educator privileges, Guest privileges, or employment.
100 Roads, Inc. recognizes, however, that there are certain breaches of this Code of Conduct that are serious enough to justify either a final written warning or immediate termination of Membership, Educator privileges, Guest privileges or employment, without going through any progressive discipline steps. The necessity for and the severity of any discipline will be determined in the sole discretion and judgment of 100 Roads Inc., and 100 Roads, Inc. reserves the right to take whatever action it deems appropriate and fitting based on the nature of the problem and the attendant facts and circumstances.
While it is impossible to list every type of behavior that may be deemed a serious offense, the Code of Conduct policy includes examples of problems that may result in immediate termination of Membership, Guest privileges, or employment. By following the process described in this Section, we hope that most problems can be corrected at an early stage, benefiting the concerned parties, WorkspaceSKY Teens, and 100 Roads, Inc.
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