Orientation to Colearning
Join a cohort of founders manifesting their visions. From designing to creating a powerful system of action this practical introductory course will give you the confidence to move forward.
March 28, 2023
Just start.
Brilliant ideas start small. Dive in and create a minimal viable product. First in a virtual space where you are limited only by your imagination.
Then use the power of community and thought partners to work on the details.
Join a community of founders.
Once you have joined a cohort you are part of our 100 Roads Founder and Educator community. Here you can join conversation circles, meet other founders, and take courses, offered by 100 Roads and our partners.
Program details
Upcoming cohort date
March 28
100 Roads Virtual Campus
To join
Want to join our next one?
6 weeks
8-9 pm ET
11-12 am ET
What to expect.
  1. What are you creating?
  2. Where are you adding value?
  3. Community
  4. Ecology of Services
  5. Designing Space
  6. Developing a System of Action
  1. What space do you need?
  2. What space is available?
  3. Choosing physical space
  4. Renting and embedding
  5. Envisioning your space
  6. Creating virtual space
Colearning + next steps.
You come with an idea, and leave with a prototype, a pathway forward, collaborators and support.
Your facilitator.
100 Roads brings you together to unleash your genius. Having been down this road before, we know that it is hard to get started, and make it easier for you.
Catherine Fraise has 3 Montessori certifications, is a founder of an Acton Academy, Workspace Education and WorkspaceSKY. She founded 100 Roads to support founders, create space for colearning and provide an ecology of services to founders.
Rethink what's possible
In six weeks you will know whether to move forward with your idea, and what that could look like.
Stay in the loop
Start your journey with regular news and updates about our offerings and success stories.
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