Educational Mentoring

Catherine Fraise is available to mentor selected individual students who have elected to leave the conventional educational system and are officially homeschooling in their state.

Interested families can apply using this form and will be contacted with next steps.

📄¬†Application Form

What educational mentoring involves

Students typically meet with Catherine for 90 minutes per week. Each session involves active listening, goal setting, reflection, project management, organization, evidence of learning, and skill building. Over the year, students will be exploring the possibilities, learning how to learn effectively in alignment with how they operate, the biology of motivation, and how they can harness their will in a direction, and overcome personal obstacles that limit their potential. Once Catherine has worked with a student for at least 10 sessions, she may accept the role of educational counselor and write recommendations on behalf of the student.

Educational Philosophy

Catherine Fraise, M. Ed., is a trained high school teacher specializing in economics and politics. She also has three AMI Montessori qualifications, trained in Montessori pedagogy at the 3-6, 9-12, and adolescent levels. She homeschooled both of her children, and created a new model for education, Workspace Education, as a place to develop individual interests and capacities in community, while taking the classes and courses needed to achieve further education goals. The last two years, Catherine has been working in a Regenerative Education community, working with first principles, to unlock the potential and capacities of students and the communities they are nested in.

Current Work

Catherine Fraise currently teaches a founders course and works with founders to create new educational models and infrastructure for education outside the conventional system. She also manages a small design company, 100 Roads Design, that creates virtual campuses for schools and learning communities. As a highly collaborative networker, Catherine works with many innovative organizations to design the future of education.


The fee for educational mentoring is $1450/per term. A term is three months, which can start at any time. The fee includes approx. 10 x 60-90 minute sessions, writing recommendations, research, and networking on behalf of the student, and a 30 minute parent conference. Advisees will be using a journey tracking app, Unrulr, to capture their vibrant evidence of learning, and for reflections.


At any time, Catherine has a maximum of six students. There may be a waiting list, in which case you will be notified when a space becomes available. Catherine only takes on students who she believes would greatly benefit from mentoring and that she connects with. If she rejects the application, she will give you feedback on why.


  1. Fill out the application
  2. You (the parent) will receive an email to organize an interview
  3. Attend a 30 minute interview (parent and student)
  4. Make a decision on moving forward (both parties)
  5. Sign agreement for services and pay for a term.
  6. Decide on the time for weekly session(s)
  7. Parent checkins (30 mins every term)

📄¬†Application Form

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