Learning Ecosystems Consulting

Our Three Drivers

🚀  Seeking out and assembling the ingredients of an extraordinary education that fully unlocks the potential and possibilities for a student.

🚀 Working with founders to create new models of education that support the flourishing of the student, the learner’s family, and greater community.

🚀 Developing the infrastructure for learning outside of the conventional education system so that learners have a choice in where and how they learn.


Catherine Fraise started her career as a conventional high school teacher and quickly realized that the well meaning conventional school model was not helping children and families, or teachers, flourish. She traveled the world visiting alternative schools, and immersed herself in understanding developmental psychology and global pedagogies.

Catherine earned three AMI Montessori certifications from early childhood through adolescent levels. She pulled her young children out of Montessori schools as they weren’t thriving there, and started home educating them. Like most children, they were strong willed and full of energy and passions. Catherine wanted to preserve their essences, and help channel their energy into developing self awareness and the ability to express themselves fully and authentically in the world, and harness their will to master the things they wanted to learn.

Catherine realized the importance of community, and families working side by side to create learning experiences that supported the development of children in the community, not just her own. She designed a large community-based learning lab, with 33 learning spaces in a 32,000 sq. ft. building, for families who wanted to co create the best educations for their children. We called it a colearning community.

During this endeavor it became apparent that there were limitations in having just a physical space.

Since 2020, Catherine has been creating collaborative learning spaces in the virtual world, working with schools and experienced leaders in the field of collaborative interactive spaces, both physically and virtually. She is interested in how to create the most interactive, community-based, learner-centered ecosystem for learning, using the best knowledge and wisdom gained from the field, intellectuals, practitioners, and indigenous communities.


Catherine’s talent is to really listen to you and understand what it is you want to manifest in the world, that doesn’t exist yet, and see where what you want to create fits into the world of education globally.

She can help you with your design, pedagogy and space, and help you establish a powerful network to fuel your endeavor. You’ll find her a good sounding board to guide you to your inner wisdom, your strengths, and where other people can help you. Or examine how this endeavor fits into your life journey and your family. Catherine will illuminate resources around you that can support you in your journey – people, tools and emerging technology.

If you would like to work with Catherine, schedule a free session to see if her approach is a good fit for you.

Consulting Fees: USD 120 for 1:1 hour long sessions with founders. Visits to schools, or potential community sites, are USD 600/day + travel expenses. Catherine’s founder courses are free.

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